10 Best college puns to bring back the good days


Whether you’re still in college or long past out, college puns can put a smile on the deepest frown. Puns and captions that will make your heart happy.

Here are the best college puns to bring back the good days:-

  1. My early morning chemistry class rarely gets a reaction out of me.
  2. I’m a science major, and I’m sodium funny.
  3. Need a little encourage mint for this late-night study session.
  4. Sorry, I can’t hang tonight. I’m totally booked at the library.
  5. The campus cafe and I were meant to bean.
  6. I know it’s cheesy, but college food is grate.
  7. Keeping the positivi-tea in the dorm room.
  8. I really snailed it this semester.
  9. I can’t beleaf how great college is.
  10. Calc-u later, I’m off to class.


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