10 Best music puns for all concert lovers out there


What could be better than music blended into humour? Take a look at our music puns and you will surely want to get your hands on some. Look us up now.

Here are the 10 Best music puns for all concert lovers out there:-

  1. I can’t Handel Liszts. If I forget something while Chopin, I just go Bach later.
  2. People sometimes say they’ll be Bach later but they’re Offenbach sooner.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger has just released his debut classical music album: “I’ll Be Bach.”
  4. I called my last dog “Orpheus”, because he would Offenbach.
  5. A musician should never B flat, sometimes B sharp, and always B natural.
  6. Please hold off playing Baroque just at the moment. I’ll be Bach in a fugue minuets.
  7. I’d like to add a witty pun to this conversation but just at the moment I cantata think of anything
  8. I used to make puns about music in convents but then I got out of the habit
  9. I can’t Handel all this wordplay. It’s Haydn in every second sentence.
  10. Jack Nicholson refuses to believe that he doesn’t like classical music. He just can’t Handel the truth.


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