10 Best school puns for that innocent period


Reminisce your school days with puns that drag you back to the era where you had no cares. Indulge your friends in the act too and have fun together. 

Here are the best school puns for that innocent period:-

  1. Remember, no punning in the hall.
  2. I’m super-intending to have a great school year.
  3. Feeling gym dandy.
  4. I’m angling for an A in Geometry.
  5. Always a class act.
  6. Good principals have all their faculties intact.
  7. Geography is world class.
  8. I’ve got so much school spirit, it’s spooky.
  9. Initially I was just a little nervous about English, but now I’m past tense.
  10. [School Bus] Yellow, is it me you’re looking for?



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