Big sister quotes for the second mother you have


Elder sisters are like second moms, or worse than them. We have funky quotes that you can use to surprise her and make her feel loved. Check them out.

  1. You better watch out! …
  2. I’ve learned so many great lessons in life by watching my big sister make mistakes.
  3. When we were little, you always watched out for me, big sis. …
  4. My big sister is my hero.
  5. Being bossy is just how big sisters show their love.
  6. If you think I’m high maintenance, you should see my sister.
  7. Little sisters – the only person in the world you can blame for the things you did and get away with it.
  8. You’re my sister and my best friend. If you think otherwise, just remember I know all your secrets.
  9. If you trip and fall in life, I will be there to help you up – after I quit laughing.
  10. When you have a sister, you never truly forget the past. If you do, she’ll be happy to remind you of all your stupidest mistakes.


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