Blues brothers quotes from the hit comedy movie


See how you can achieve your wishes even if you are a funny guy. See the quotes on this movie and take on your own missions with humor.

  1. Jake: “The Blues Brothers. It should read ‘Tonight Only: the Blues Brothers triumphant return.”
  2. Elwood: “Sir, where is the office of the assessor of Cook County?”
  3. What music do you play? “We got both kinds, Country and Western.”
  4. Jake: “So far we’ve covered all of Lake, McHenry and part of DuPage County.” Elwood: “Good, let’s get to the gig.”
  5. Elwood: “I gotta quit… I’m gonna become a priest.”
  6. Jail Guard: “One unused prophylactic….. One soiled.”
  7. Steve Lawrence: “$5,000 bucks? Who do you think you are, The Beatles?”
  8. Ray Charles: “As usual, I’ll have to take an I.O.U.”
  9. Elwood: “We’re the Good Ole’… Blues Brothers band from Chicago.”
  10. Cop: “I’m gonna catch that sucker. If it’s the last thing I ever do.”


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