Confucius funny quotes that will surely crack you up


This Chinese philospher was someone who had alot of life experience and thoughts. Take a look at our quotes on him to learn more about him.

  1. “Man with one chopstick go hungry.”
  2. “Man who cut self while shaving, lose face.”
  3. “He who has a sharp tongue, cuts own throat.”
  4. “A bird in hand makes hard to blow nose.”
  5. “Man who walk with nose in air very easy to hook.”
  6. “Man who sneezes without tissue takes matters in his own hands.”
  7. “If something happen but nobody post it on Facebook, did it really happen?”
  8. “Man who fall in vat of molten glass make spectacle of self.”
  9. “With great power comes great electricity bill.”
  10. “Crowded elevator smell different to midget.”


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