Dark knight quotes from one of the most popular films


Allow this character to sink into your thoughts and re construct your life. We have quotes that will make you view life with a different perspective.

  1. “I’m Batman.”
  2. “I Believe What Doesn’t Kill You Simply Makes You, Stranger.”
  3. “He’s The Hero Gotham Deserves, But Not The One It Needs Right Now.”
  4. “Let The Games Begin!”
  5. “Swear To Me!”
  6. “Why Do We Fall, Sir? So That We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Up.”
  7. “Madness, As You Know, Is A Lot Like Gravity. All It Takes Is A Little Push.”
  8. “It’s Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do That Defines Me.”
  9. “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn.”
  10. “As A Man, I’m Flesh And Blood; I Can Be Ignored, I Can Be Destroyed. But As A Symbol… As A Symbol I Can Be Incorruptible. I Can Be Everlasting.”


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