Disney Princess quotes as we all have one within


From the sailor girl Moana, to the homely Cinderella, all girls have a disney princess within. Get to know yours as you read our quotes online.

  1. “Remember, You’re The One Who Can Fill The World With Sunshine.” — Snow White
  2. “Where There Is Kindness, There Is Goodness. And Where There Is Goodness, There Is Magic.” — Cinderella
  3. “Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone, For That’s Where Life Truly Begins.” — Rapunzel
  4. “If You Dream A Thing More Than Once, It’s Sure To Come True.” — Aurora
  5. “If I Do Marry, I Want It To Be For Love.” — Jasmine
  6. “If You Keep On Believing, The Dream That You Wish Will Come True.” — Cinderella
  7. “The Only Way To Get What You Want In This World Is Through Hard Work.” — Tiana
  8. “I Want More.” — Ariel
  9. “Believe You Can, Then You Will.” — Mulan
  10. “I’m Sure I’ll Get Along Somehow. Everything’s Going To Be Alright.” — Snow White


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