Edge of dawn lyrics fire emblem


Reach for my hand
I’ll soar away
Into the dawn
Oh, I wish I could stay

Here in cherished halls
In peaceful days
I fear the edge of dawn
Knowing time betrays

Daylights pass through colored glass
In this beloved place
Silver shines, the world dines
A smile on each face

As joy surrounds, comfort abounds
And I can feel I’m breaking free
For just this moment lost in time
I am finally me

Yet still I hide
Behind this mask that I have become
My blackened heart scorched by flames
A force I can’t run from

As I live out
Each peaceful day (Each peaceful day)
Deep in my soul
Oh, I know I can’t stay (I know I can’t stay)

So I wish I
Could hide away
Hold tight to what I love
Keep cruel fate at bay

As the rain falls on the path
I chase your shadow
I don’t feel a single drop
Or the ground below

Then you turn to me
And I stop before I know
And the lie upon my lips
I let it go

Cross my heart
Making vows I know will be betrayed (Know will be betrayed)
A sad girl’s pleas
Live only for a breath and then they fade

Don’t ever take
Back your kind hand (Back your kind hand)
Lest precious love
Slip away like time’s sand (Away like time’s sand)

Only we will know
All that was lost
Scars that we can’t erase
Show us life’s true cost

The blue moonlight
Cuts across our sight
As pure and clear as a ringing bell
Reaching for us in the night

As the wind calms my thoughts
I have strung on this terrace
I feel at peace
Carried away by the wind’s song

Open the door
And walk away
Never give in
To the call of yesterday

Memories that made
Those days sublime
These ruined halls entomb
Stolen time

Reach for my hand (Reach for my hand)
I’ll soar away (I’ll soar away)
Into the dawn
Oh, I wish I could stay (I wish I could stay)

Here in cherished halls
In peaceful days
I fear the edge of dawn
Knowing time betrays


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