Harley Quinn quotes for all her fans in the house


Read our quotes dedicated to the actress Harley Quinn and choose the ones that you like. We have a quote for every ocassion that you can use.

  1. “I love him not for the way he silenced my demons, but for the way his demons dance with mine.”
  2. “Find what you love and let it kill you.”
  3. “It soon became clear to me that the Joker, so often described as a raving, homicidal madman, was actually a tortured soul crying out for love and acceptance. A lost, injured child trying to make the world laugh at his antics.”
  4. “You know, for what it’s worth, I actually enjoyed some of our romps, but there comes a time when a gal wants more. And now, all this gal wants is to settle down with her lovin’ sweetheart.”
  5. “That’s so cute, you think you’re scary. Well, mister, I’ve seen scary and you don’t have his smile.”
  6. “You’ve got the look. And a lotta nerve. What you don’t have is the right. Joker was a hero. You’re not fit to lick his boutonniere!”
  7. “Don’t get me wrong, my pudding’s a little rough, but he loves me, really.”
  8. “I have done everything you said. Every test, every trial, every initiation. I have proved I love you. Just accept it!”
  9. “I know how the world works, okay? And when it comes to the heart, everyone for themselves, right?”
  10. “Don’t know if I wanna kill you or kiss you.”


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