Hunger games quotes for the fans of the hit show


If this is one of your favourite shows then you will look forward to these quotes. On our website, you will be able to find the most unique and best ones.

  1. “Fire Is Catching, And If We Burn, You Burn With Us!”
  2. “It Must Be A Fragile System If It Can Be Brought Down By Just A Few Berries.” …
  3. “If I’m Going To Die, I Want To Still Be Me.” …
  4. “It’s The Things We Love Most That Destroy Us.” …
  5. “I Am Done Being A Piece In His Game.” …
  6. “Our Lives Were Never Ours. …
  7. Alma Coin: “This is not the girl you described.”
  8. Plutarch Heavensbee: “She’s disoriented. She needs to be reminded who the real enemy is…”
  9. Alma Coin: “She knows who the enemy is, that’s not the issue.”
  10. Plutarch Heavensbee: “No, she’s forgotten. We need to make it personal for her, prove that we’re on her side. There’s discussing, and there’s showing. We need to show her what the Capitol did to District 12.”


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