I love play rehearsal lyrics Joe Iconis

I love play rehearsal
Because it’s the best
Because it is fun
I love play rehearsal
And I get depressed as soon as it’s done
But not depressed, as in like, kill yourself depressed
No, I’m not into self-harm
Dude, I swear, here check my arm
See, I just use the word to emphasize a point
Show the passion I’ve got
I am passionate a lot
I have mad, gigantic feelings
Red and frantic feelings
About most everything
Like gun control, like spring
Like if I’m living up to all I’m meant to be
I also have a touch of ADD
Where was I?
Oh, right
I love play rehearsal
‘Cause you are equiped with directions and text
Life is easy in rehearsal
You follow a script so you know what comes next
Anywho, the point that I’m getting to
Is sometimes life can’t work out in the way
It works out in the play
Like the only time I get to be the center of attention
Is when I’m Juliet or Blanche DuBois
And can I mention?
That was really one of my best roles
Did you see that?
And no matter how hard I try
It’s impossible to narrow down the many reasons why-y-y-y
I love play rehearsal
I happiness cry whenever it starts
It’s just so universal
Getting to try playing so many parts
Most humans do one thing for all of their lives
The thought of that gives me hives
I’ve got so many interests I wanna pursue
And why am I telling this to you?
Guess there’s a part of me that wants to
Back to play rehearsal
My brain is like “Bzzz”
My heart is like “Wow”
Because we’re here at play rehearsal
And it’s starting
We’re starting
It’s starting
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Songwriters: Joe Iconis


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