Jhene aiko quotes from life of the amazing artist


We have great quotes from the life and times of this singer. Learn how she overcame her hardships and made it big. Visit us for inspiring quotes on her life.

  1. “I just like being a regular person.”
  2. “I just love to have a clear mind.”
  3. “I’ve always been an over-sharer to the point where I’ll meet someone and just start talking and telling them everything about my life.
  4. “I’m a homebody for sure, I love to stay at home.”
  5. “I am a sailing soul, a free spirit. I don’t think I could ever be tied down.”
  6. “I belong to the world. I’m in a relationship with the world.”
  7. “I share about one percent of my whole being with the internet”
  8. “I don’t think I have a sad life. I just talk about all my feelings and emotions.”
  9. “In a sense, I am like a volcano and this album is an eruption.”
  10. ‘Chilombo’ is a word that means ‘wild beast’; they’re strong, confident and graceful. Beasts are also beautiful.”


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