Jigolo har megiddo lyrics A Ghoul Writer

I am the one who preys on weak
I offer everything they seek
And I am the one who comes richly endowed
Harvesting crops of fields that others have plowed
I am the one, lascivious
I am the son of one below
The progeny of beast of woe
And I am the son who comes into the daughters of men
Destroying all and make them want it again
I am the son, lascivious
He is the one desacralizer
He is the son of the enticer
The all seeing subterranean kaiser
He is the way, he is the way
I am the way
And you invited me to stay
However fair and pure, you crave the wand
You see through me what lies beyond
I am the one lascivious
I am the one lascivious
I am the one lascivious
With magic potion niveous
Songwriters: A Ghoul Writer


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