Joe exotic quotes from the former famous activist


The life of the fallen from grace zoo keeper can teach you a thing or two. Visit his quotes to see the cards life dealt him and how he played them.

  1. “Your Whole Audience Will Say, ‘Oh My God, That Guy Has a Mullet!
  2. “I’d Shoot You Before I’d Shoot My Cat.” …
  3. “I’m In A Cage. …
  4. “We Say No to Drugs, Because Drugs Make Your Teeth Fall Out and You Get Really Ugly and Don’t Have Any Friends.” …
  5. “I’d Say She Found A Way Out, Wouldn’t You?” …
  6. Come here, love me! Come here, love me!
  7. What do we say to drugs? We say no to drugs, that’s right. Because drugs will make your teeth fall out, and you get really ugly and you don’t have any friends.
  8. We got honey, we got barbecue sauce, we have steak sauce, skin cream. I have s** gel for you and for her!
  9. Animals just wasn’t enough, okay? So then I started adding magic.
  10. I don’t wear underwear.


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