Kill the beast lyrics Ashman Howard Elliott / Menken Alan Irwin

We’re not safe until he’s dead
He’ll come stalking us at night
Set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite
He’ll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free
So it’s time to take some action boys
It’s time to follow me
Through the mist, through the woods
Through the darkness and the shadows
It’s a nightmare, but it’s one exciting ride
Say a prayer, then we’re there
At the drawbridge of a castle
And there’s something truly terrible inside
It’s a beast, he’s got fangs, razor sharp ones
Massive paws, killer claws for the feast
Hear him roar, see him foam
But we’re not coming home
‘Til he’s dead, good and dead
Kill the beast
Get your torch, mount you horse
Through your courage to the stinking place
We’re counting on your stud to lead the way
Call it war, call it threat
You can bet they all will follow
For in times like this, they’ll do just as I say
There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question
But I fear the wrong monster’s released
Sally forth! tally ho!
Grab your sword, grab your bow
Praise the Lord and here we go
We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it scares us
And this monster is mysterious at least
Bring your guns, bring your knives
Save your children, and your wives
We’ll save our village, and our lives
We’ll kill the beast
Hearts ablaze, banners high
We go marching into battle
Unafraid, although the danger’s just increased
Raise the flag, sing the song
Here we come, we’re 50 strong
And 50 Frenchmen can’t be wrong
Let’s kill the Beast
Kill the beast, kill the beast
Songwriters: Ashman Howard Elliott / Menken Alan Irwin


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