Latest instagram captions for the all the trendsetters


Want to start a new trend? Come to us in search of the latest captions. Use the most appealing ones and set your profile on fire. Watch out for the best.

  1. Do not worry over tomorrow. You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. We will all be fine
  2. Good things really happen to everyone
  3. Nobody is perfect – you are still an incredible person.
  4. Looking for happiness where you lost it is the definition of insanity
  5. What is life without a dash of danger?
  6. Always face the light and you won’t see any shadows
  7. Live the life you desire and watch your dreams come true.
  8. The foolish one considers himself the smartest in the room.
  9. Mistakes will be made – lessons should be learned.
  10. Stop the negativity and see the good in everything



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