Lil Wayne quotes from the greatest hip-hop artist ever


One of the most famour, rapper and songwriter, Lil Wayne rules the music World. Let his thoughts teach you what it takes to be successful.

  1. I got these haters, like “when will he stop? Maybe a minute after never, so set your clocks.
  2. “I look at things as ‘Everything is meant to be.
  3. I’m an addict, I’m addicted to success. Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success.”
  4. I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me.” – Lil Wayne
  5. Love me or hate me, I swear it won’t make or break me.” – Lil Wayne
  6. The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.”
  7. Trying to tear down the past prohibits you from building up your future.” – Lil Wayne
  8. Surround yourself with love, not friends.” – Lil Wayne
  9. Honestly, I don’t listen to nobody else’s music but my own. It’s kind of like sports to me. You don’t see Kobe Bryant at a LeBron James game – he just works on his own game. And that’s what I do. I only listen to me, so I can criticize and analyze and all those things.” – Lil Wayne
  10. “I don’t want to be understood because if people understand me, they get tired of me.” – Lil Wayne


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