Mary Poppins quotes that might teach you something


The much loved Mary Poppins mught have a thing or two to correct about you if you have never been under the charge of a nanny like her. Watch our quotes.

  1. “First of all, I would like to make one thing clear: I never explain anything.”
  2. “What do you get when you feed the birds? …
  3. “Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.”
  4. “There’s the whole world at your feet.
  5. “I’ll stay until the wind changes.”
  6. “She paused as though she were remembering events that happened hundreds of years before that time.”
  7. “What’s the good of knowing if you don’t tell anyone?”
  8. “Some people,” remarked Mary Poppins, putting her down, “think a great deal too much. Of that, I am sure.”
  9. “If I were some people,” she remarked acidly, “I’d mind my own business!”
  10. “We’re on the brink of an adventure. Don’t spoil it by asking questions!”


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