Midnight thoughts lyrics Evan Helm

Yo, I throw on a facade
And then, act like I’m alright
Say I’ll go to sleep
But then I’ll stay up all night
And honestly
I think that theres something
Very wrong with me
Writing down these lines
But they just do not seem like songs to me
I usually spend the night
Locked inside my head
Thoughts about my ex
And the days that I will be dead
Mood is suicidal
This is just me in denial
Burn my feelings in a pile
I can’t find the strength to smile
Say they’re tired of the sad shit
Sorry that it’s how I feel
Ain’t nobody bumps my shit
I’m sorry that I lack appeal
I just wanna cruise around
Kick it with the top down
Taller then these fools
But they still wanna talk down
Like what did I do
To spite you
Don’t wanna fight you
Chillin’ in the darkness
I’m just tryna spread some light dude
And lately I have noticed
That they hate everything I do
I don’t see the point to life
So I spark up like Raichu
And honestly I’m sorry
If I ever caused you pain
But it will be erased
With a bullet to the brain
Slit my wrists with the razor
That I use to sever ties
I hate when girls I love
Move on to the better guys
I’m tired of missing people
That will never miss me
See the pain inside my eyes
And every time it gets me
And I know I’m not good enough
For anyone to love me
I’m really not that funny
And most peope think I’m ugly
I’m sorry that I’m not enough
Sorry that I’m not that tough
I know my body’s not that buff
But maybe I can still find love
And Cupids just another demon
Sent to haunt me
Say I wanna move on
But then old feelings stop me
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
Songwriters: Evan Helm


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