Mind brand lyrics MARETU


Hold on one sec, young lady with that baby in your belly
And that body with so little innocence left
Is that stupid, pathetic little brain of yours
Thinking you’re so naive and pure? Get a grip, you fool

Hold on one sec, young man. What kind of sc*m are you?
Now that you’ve plucked that little girl’s precious flower
And promised her the moon, you’re taking to your heels?
Leaving her with a few casual words?! Go to hell, you as*h**e

“When, oh when is it coming out? Pregnant girl, oh pregnant girl.”
Just some cheap “sympathy” born from between the sheets, for you, my dear—
Though you certainly seem fond of that cynical, mocking attitude
In the end, everyone shall end up in the bottom of Hell
(They’ll all be dragged down there.)

Alas, the hero of justice is crying, now that the happiness he fought so hard to gain—
After some mutual fondling and fulfilling—has been taken from him
How much easier it would be if only he could forget
Those moments of much embracing, fighting, and sharing

Scraped skin full of scabs. Incredible points of pleasure
Such ridiculousness, with a hint of lovingness
Don’t tell me, you’re falling back into that silly, I-want-everything-my-way mode?
Looks like you’ve still got a lot to learn!



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