Napoleon Dynamite quotes for you to go through daily


Read our special quotes on the movie that dominated the Box Office for its fresh content and approach to life. Look at quotes from the film everyday.

  1. Napoleon Dynamite: Heck yes ! …
  2. Napoleon Dynamite: Tina you fat lard. …
  3. Deb: Is there anyone else here? …
  4. Napoleon Dynamite: I don’t even have any skills. …
  5. Trisha: (Trisha’s dad) “What’s what in my driveway?” …
  6. Napoleon Dynamite: Stay home and eat all the freakin chips Kip!
  7. Napoleon: Whatever I feel like I want to do. Gosh!
  8. Napoleon: Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!
  9. Napoleon: I’ve already made like an infinity of those at Scout camp.
  10. Napoleon: I don’t even have any good skills.


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