Nicki Minaj quotes for the cool and sic folk


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  1. “When I win and when I lose, I take ownership of it, because I really am in charge of what I do.”
  2. “You could be the king but watch the queen conquer.”
  3. “Don’t chase the boys. Don’t depend on anybody. Do your thing.”
  4. “I want to build my empire. In my field, I have always seen men do it. From Diddy to Dr. Dre to Jay Z. Now it’s a woman’s turn.”
  5. “I’ll never be perfect. Believe me I’m worth it. So take me or leave me.”
  6. “I want to show little girls that the possibilities are endless. That’s my goal – to not only do it for myself, but to show them I can do whatever I put my mind to.”
  7. “I ain’t never need a man to take care of me”
  8. “I, I’m not livin life. I’m not livin right. I’m not livin if you’re not by my side.”
  9. “He was the realest, I was the realest, we was the realest. When he approached me, I asked him ‘What the deal is?”
  10. “He was Adam. I think I was Eve. But my vision ends with the apple on the tree.”


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