No reason lyrics Eddie Perfect


[DELIA, sung:]
The universe
Is more than just space with no end
Just think of the universe as a female best friend
And you can be like
“Hey, Universe, what’s happening, girl?”
And she’ll be like
“Oh, nothing – just running the world.”
And you’ll be like “What?”
And the universe will be like “I know!”
You’re on the right track, girl
I got your back, girl
I’m helping you grow
Think positive
Act positive
You are a child of the Earth!

[DELIA, spoken:]
Nailing it!

[DELIA, sung:]
Time to take command
You dictate the hand
The universe deals
Science makes no sense
Who needs evidence?
Go with your feels
I’m like a radio
Tuned to the stars
I found my frequency
Crystals speak to me

[LYDIA, spoken:]
What are they saying?

[DELIA, spoken:]
Buy more crystals!

[DELIA, sung:]
Everything, everything happens for a reason
Be a beacon of light in the world
Put a little alright in the world
There is spiritual guides above
Look up and see ’em!
Perception is reality
Just listen to the melody the universe sings
‘Cause everything- everything happens for a reason

[LYDIA, spoken:]
Gee, I hate to break it to you

[LYDIA, sung:]
The universe is just the contents of time, matter and space

[DELIA, spoken:]

[LYDIA, sung:]
Ninety-one billion light-years across and the Earth’s a small place
Where good people die-

[DELIA, spoken:]

[LYDIA, spoken:]

[LYDIA, sung:]
In famine and wars
The Pacific Islands are sinking
But negative thinking is hardly the cause
You think life is all unicorns and rainbows ’cause you’re bored
And positivity is a luxury that few can afford

We’re gonna die
Yes, you and I
In meaninglessness and alone~

No no no!
One day you may wake up alone

[LYDIA, spoken:]

‘Cause your husband and his boyfriend bought a boat
And then they sailed away to Rome

[LYDIA, spoken:]
That’s specific

So you cry yourself to sleep in deep despair
Talking to the walls ’cause there’s no one there
And you have to buy a cat
‘Cause that’s your last chance to have a family
Take it from me!
That your aging ass will have to believe that-!

Everything- everything happens for a reason
Put some more fun in the world
A little “I AM STILL YOUNG” in the world
Be prepared to take your eggs and freeze ’em-

[LYDIA, spoken:]
Is this still about me?

‘Cause everything- everything happens

Sounds like terrible things can happen
Because the universe is random

[DELIA, spoken:]
Yes, but

[DELIA, sung:]
Random for a reason!

No reason!

Writers:-Eddie Perfect


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