Police brutality quotes to raise awareness on it


Reflect on serious quotes regarding police brutality and the pain of those who undergo it. We have quotes that will show you the pathos of the matter,

  1. You were put here to protect us. …
  2. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. …
  3. We’re not anti-police… we’re anti-police brutality. …
  4. There’s a lot of things that need to change.
  5. “We’re not anti-police… we’re anti-police brutality.” – Al Sharpton
  6. “There’s no book to figure out how not to become a victim of police brutality.” – Mike Colter
  7. “If the only time you have a public opinion on civil violence in this country is when police face harm or sadly, death, then you come across as disingenuous, your intentions, suspicious, and your perspective, riddled with bias and prejudice. Empathy is not a limited resource.” — Kovie Biakolo
  8. “We have seen communities cry out in pain, generation after generation, because of racism and police brutality.” – Jaime Harrison
  9. “No one’s pro-police brutality.” – Kenya Barris
  10. “A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect.” — Vann Newkirk


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