10 Romantic rain statuses to relish the monsoons


Rains instantly put everyone in a great mood. Put up a lovey-dovey status when it’s raining and prepare to get noticed. We have one for everyone.

Here are the lovely Romantic rain statuses to relish the monsoons:-

  1. Life is a storm either you get an umbrella or learn to dance in the rain.
  2. Every heartache will fade away, just like every storm runs out of the rain.
  3. Rain makes my heart GO Romantic.
  4. If people were like rain, I was like drizzle, and she was a hurricane.
  5. Enjoying rain with a cup of tea.
  6. First love, like the rain, is ever fresh.
  7. Some feel the rain. Others get wet.
  8. I love it when it Rains.
  9. I wish I could sit in the rain and let it wash all my worries away.
  10. Like the rain, I have fallen for you.



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