Sad anime quotes if you love cartoons and imagination


If anime is an important part of your life then you will love our sad anime quotes. You can translate any emotion through anime. Look up the ones we have.

  1. “How long are you gonna sit in front of me sobbing your little eyes out?! It’s depressing!” – Sohma Rin.
  2. “No matter how to hurt someone is, they’re meant to overcome it and try to go forward.” – Mirajane Strauss
  3. “I wish people who say: “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.” – Subaru Natsuki
  4. “If you let yourself get depressed, you’d be making light of the people who trust and follow you.” – Ogami Rei.
  5. “Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.” – Gintoki Sakata.
  6. “Living is anxiety and pain. It’s continuing to think, continuing to choose.” – Alcor.
  7. “The past makes you wanna die out of regret and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.” – Hachiman Hikigaya.
  8. “I haven’t done anything yet. Getting depressed and losing confidence is way too egotistical.”
  9. “I hate humans. I find the thought that I’m from the same species to be depressing.” – Koko Hekmatyar.
  10. “It would be enough for the depressing things in life to only exist in reality.” – Shiori Misaka.


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