Sad instagram bios for those dull days we all have


Been through a rough patch or just feeling upset? We have the best bios to put your thoughts into words. Express and explain your grief to friends.

  1. A day that doesn’t feel like I’m falling apart would be nice.
  2. And then, I thought that maybe I was meant to be alone.
  3. And suddenly, we were strangers again.
  4. Beauty lies in everything but me.
  5. Being alone isn’t really as bad as being with people who make you feel alone.
  6. Deep inside, I’m hurting.
  7. Alone and ignored.
  8. Am I sad? Not really, but I feel quite empty.
  9. Because when I sleep, the feelings of sadness, anger, and loneliness cease to exist.
  10. Cry, not when the sun has set, for the tears will hinder you from seeing the stars.



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