Sex offender shuffle lyrics Scott Gairdner


[Chorus 1]
The State of Florida has asked us to
Disclose our sexual crimes to you

We were bad, but now we’re good
We’re moving into your neighborhood
You know we’re trying our best to be
Functioning members of society
We’re not here to start no trouble
We’re legally required to do the “Sex Offender Shuffle”

[Verse 1: Larry Arthauer]
I’m Larry Arthauer and I’ll refrain
From touching my neighbor’s kids again
What I did was not too kind
But I’m a nice guy, you’ll come to find
I’ve got a backyard and a real nice pool
Y’all should come over for a barbecue
We could make some cold drinks in my blender
But do keep in mind that I’m a sex offender

[Verse 2: Vernon Douglas]
Vernon Douglas is my name
My battery arrest is what brought me fame

But there’s much more to know about me
I love to dance and I love to ski
I zip and zoom on through the snow
Just strap on my boots and watch me go
But I can’t ski until December
Till then, I’m just a sex offender

Writers:- Scott Gairdner


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