Small business quotes so you can start somewhere


Small begennings often lead to great endings. Keep that in mind as you venture on your first project. Visit us for more such motivational stuff.

  1. “A big business starts small.” …
  2. “You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.” …
  3. “Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.” …
  4. “Make something people want” includes making a company that people want to work for.”
  5. When you support handmade you are not just supporting a person, small business, family, our economy; you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart. – Anonymus
  6. Supporting another person’s success won’t ever damper yours. – Anonymus
  7. When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance. – Anonymus
  8. A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in. – Nicole Snow
  9. A big business starts small. – Richard Branson
  10. When you support a small business, you support a dream. – Anonymus


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