Teacher teacher lyrics Eugene Abdiukhanov / Roman Ibramkhalilov / Tatiana Shmailyuk / Vlad Ulasevycvh

“”Good evening, kids. Take your seats. Open up your Bibles
I’m gonna chastise a rival so keep your eyes wide open
The young soul lost control, made her first faul
This is my duty to set the bounds
She grabbed my hand, took me in, placed me in front of a class
She gave a hint I was the clou of her mass
I’m in the middle of her Holy of Holies, I have no worries!
I saw dusty icons on the walls
I saw needles and stones
So she put a paper bag on my head
She pointed finger at me, and then she said:
Dear Lord, forgive me as I’m slapping this sinful child
By your hand I’m led so I will show what is wrong and what is right
Choose your label cuz I’m mercy, merciful
Put your knuckles on the table, meet my friend Ferule
Who’ll punish you!
When their prejudice let us down
We stand firmly on our ground
Don’t let their school make a fool of you
Because the teachers may be fools too
Laws chalked on a blackboard
Can’t be erased until it gets boring
The lady spoke and then she choked
On the convictions oh so alluring
She made a pause in her verbal overdose
My paper bag slipped down on the floor
I took a look around, there was no sanctuary
Desks empty, the school was all imaginary
Teacher, teacher! Self-proclaimed preacher
Under the flag of welfare your lectures start to blare!
We need no soap shoved down our throats
So keep your monologues unrated and remote
I am a bad example of order
This life is not a prison and you are not a warden
Please, teacher teacher! Leave us alone
As we accept life lessons from no one
Your idols scream to me throwing shame on my face
As I turn away from infamy and disgrace
I smile to you, cuz I want you to see
How I break the rules in front of your trinity
Songwriters: Eugene Abdiukhanov / Roman Ibramkhalilov / Tatiana Shmailyuk / Vlad Ulasevycvh


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