The office quotes to keep you in splits through the day


Bring a smile on your face and be sure to pass it along when you see our collection of office quotes. Look no further for your daily dose of fun.

  1. “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. …
  2. “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” – Michael Scott (Season 4, Fun Run)
  3. “And I knew exactly what to do.
  4. “And I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.” — Pam Beesley
  5. “I normally don’t enjoy making people laugh.” — Angela Martin
  6. “I talk a lot, so I’ve learned to tune myself out.” — Kelly Kapoor
  7. “The Dunder Mifflin stock symbol is D.M.I. Do you know what that stands for? Dummies, Morons, and Idiots. Because that’s what you’d have to be to own it. And as one of those idiots, I believe the board owes me answers.” — Oscar Martinez
  8. “Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.” — Kevin Malone
  9. “I’m glad Michael’s getting help. He has a lot of issues, and he’s stupid.” — Phyllis Lapin-Vance
  10. “It’s true. Around this office, in the past, I have been a little abrupt with people. But the doctor said, if I can’t find a new way to relate more positively to my surroundings, I’m going to die.” — Stanley Hudson


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