Will Rogers quotes from American stage performer


Imagine the World to be your stage and live your life filled with acts of passion. Use our quotes on this famous actor to motivate your everyday.

  1. I never met a man I didn’t like.
  2. Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
  3. I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.
  4. Never let yesterday use up too much of today.
  5. All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.
  6. I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
  7. Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.
  8. Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
  9. Never miss a good chance to shut up.
  10. There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.


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