30 Gorgeous Dream catcher tattoos for girls. 


Tattoos are defined and seen as a cool and swag ornament one carries on their bodies. They could be sweet and gentle if a cute flower, star or moon drawn; memorable if it pins your partner’s or parents’ name on it; hard and rough when it represents anger; religious and beautiful if it cores your lord’s name, face, or saying; and many more when it comes to showing creativity. People are fond of it and hence they are never outdated.  

Dream catchers, on the other hand, are the sweet gestures and a belief, that feelings have to offer us, as it is said that dream catchers are capable of getting rid of bad dreams and can bring good dreams into your sleep. 

Many also do believe that getting a dream catcher tattoo will keep them safe and protected by the bad spirits and bad omens, and so they draw them on their bodies to feel unscathed. 

Have you ever thought where have the dream catcher tattoo come from? Who brought them into existence?

Well, to start with it, it has been talked that the American Anishinabe tribe in conjunction with the Ojibwa tribe from Canada believed that a spider web can protect the new babies, and they ended up weaving a spider web around the babies’ crib with the help of the mythical spider woman. And so, the dream catcher tattoos came into existence. 

Well, we don’t know if it’s true and/or to what extent, but we evidently know that if we bring together these two, the dream catcher and tattoo, the fusion would be something elegant, and why a girl should consider it getting done if she wants to draw her skin with it.

  • Simple with minimal coloring. 

Picture1 2 Picture6 1 Picture5 1 Picture4 1 Picture3 1 Picture2 1

  • On ankle and legs as Immovable Anklet. 

Picture7 2 Picture8 2 Picture10 2 Picture11 2 Picture12 2 Picture13 1 Picture14 2

  • Covering Thighs. 

Picture15 1 Picture16 1 Picture17 1 Picture18 1

  • Behind the ear. 

Picture19 2 Picture20 1 Picture21 1 Picture22 1 Picture23 1

  •   Adorable Designs

Picture24 1 Picture25 Picture26 Picture27 Picture28 Picture29 Picture30


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